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Journal has been the best selling and most loved Opencart theme since first launch in 2013. Tried and tested by over 20K people, Journal is the best Opencart theme framework on the market today. Learn more

Sizin İçin Seçtiklerimiz

Display any products as tabs or accordions with optional grid or carousel mode. Custom products per row per module and per breakpoint. Each module can display products in either grid or list view with different styles per module.

Size Özel Kategorilerimiz

Easily create category based modules and display products from specific categories or brands only. The advanced page builder allows you to create any grid layout with full control at any breakpoint.

Galerimizden Resimler

The Gallery module supports images, videos and can also act as banners that can point to any other page or open other Popup modules. Create different modules with images, videos, banners or a combination of all. Add your modules on any page in any grid format.

Blogumuzdan Yazılar

Journal comes with its own simple yet powerful blog. With the new advanced typography styles your post page design will be unmatched.

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